Advantages of Vinyl Wrapping

Save some money from replacing furniture or doing renovations. Interior wrapping using high-quality architectural vinyl wrap is a fast solution to transforming any interiors spaces without hurting your budget.

We have listed below the advantages of vinyl wrapping;

• These creative interior films are up to 70% cheaper than traditional renovations for the same aesthetics.
• From 200-350μ thick, these architectural vinyl wrap creates an authentic appearance that can last longer than classical solutions. You literally have thousands of effects and colors to choose from.
• These vinyl wrapping materials can last up to 10 years withstanding delamination, cracking, and yellowing. They are mold, oil and stain-resistant.
• Hassle-free installation. No down-time. No loss of revenue for your business. A renovated space in the morning can be used in the evening. Huge areas can be completely transformed in as little as one day.
• No maintenance is needed. Creative architectural film wraps require no intensive maintenance material, normal daily cleaning materials will suffice.
• They are fire rated. Yes, that’s right! Amazingly these vinyl wrapping materials are fire-retardant.

These vinyl wraps will be more durable than the material you are wrapping. Architectural Wrap comes in a variety of finishes from marble, stone, granite, wood, metal and more. Providing a brilliant coating material that not only helps bring any room a new lease of life but also provides a solution that has minimal disruption and therefore reducing downtime of any business operation.