What’s Trending in 2020!

New colors, surface finishes, textures, & the latest design trends have always played a fundamental part in the wrapping industry. It is vitally important for us that any vinyl product we recommend is kept in stock.

When it comes to furniture and kitchen surfaces, the demands for wood and marble finishes have massively grown over the past year. These types of designs and finishes started to grow it’s popularity as it gives a vintage, classical slant and contemporary look.

However, the cost of these materials can definitely take its toll on everyone who wishes to have these types of looks and finishes. The vinyl wrapping innovation gives you the flexibility to choose a design. Whether it’s a vinyl wood or vinyl marble finish, we can guarantee a slick look without compromising your budget.

The architectural interior vinyl wrapping is the best option to be creative and stylish in a fast and affordable transformation of any types of surfaces. It is cost-efficient and non-time-consuming.

From kitchen refurbishment, cabinet wraps, countertop wraps, wardrobe wraps, floor wraps, wall wraps to furniture wraps, architectural vinyl wraps sure to have that finish that is suitable for you.

We have chosen the top high-quality vinyl from Samsung Soif and LG with their warm natural wood finish to soft-touch suede material. We can transform your space into something totally different.