Appliance Wrapping

Sick and tired the boring looks of your appliances? Want to blind yourself every time you head into the kitchen for a midnight snack? Refrigerators are one of those kitchen pieces that can easily become dated much faster than you expect. Some trends last longer than others, but they all fade eventually. Maybe it takes two years, or maybe it takes 20, but inevitably, you’re going to one day walk into your kitchen and realize your refrigerator, washing machine, oven, or dishwashing machine looks old-fashioned.

Unfortunately, replacing your appliances is not an easy task. New comes with a hefty price tag, and the installation process is very involved and daunting. For most of us, replacing appliances because they look outdated yet still durable and functional is one job we put off

Wrap Zone vinyl appliance Wraps are the answer to your prayers! Appliance wraps are the perfect way to upgrade your appliances, like a fridge, washing machine even your laptop! Give it a new face at a tiny fraction of the cost of a full replacement.

Now you can wrap that ugly old fridge and give it a new lease on life without spending three months’ pay on a new fridge. Enjoy the real, polished effect and wow your friends and neighbors with this quality and eye-catching fridge wrap.

Get rid of that ugly fridge look, get the latest look, and revamp the look of your fridge and any other appliances you have at home or in your office. Hide scuffs and take years off the look of your battered, bruised, and besmirched fridge and appliances from fridge wraps, washing machine wraps, dishwasher

Great Aesthetics

Mimic almost any natural texture or style you wish to with our full range of great looking vinyl coverings

Money Saving

Save up to 50% on the cost of regular refurbishment costs whilst achieving the same visual results.

Quick Installation

Quick and easy installation without the mess that usually accompanies a classic refurbishment project


Guaranteed over 1 year against cracking, peeling, scaling or discoloration


Rated A+ on VOC tests (indoor emissions), UV and weather resistant and fire resistant.

Washable & Hygienic

Ultra quick and simple to maintain, our vinyls also help protect against the growth of mould

Seamless Look

200 to 350 microns thick depending on the type of vinyl used, creating seamlessly authentic results


Heated application means our vinyls can be stretched 220% to the contours of intricate furnishings & surfaces